My name is Corinne and I’m a home cook and writer exploring the world of edibles using my legally home-grown organic cannabis in Colorado. I created my first cannabis cookbook last year and High for the Holidays (now available for digital download). You can read more about my personal healing journey with cannabis here.


Marijuana is the main ingredient in all of the recipes on this site. Most of these recipes are featured in the second edition of Wake & Bake: a cookbook or High for the Holidays.


I’ve been hard at work beefing up this new edition with new recipes, stories, fun facts, jokes, games, quotes from celebrities/historical figures about marijuana, and more! And now… it’s done. You can order it in Hardcover (via Amazon), or Digital Download (PDF).

cannabis cookbook

Things change around here all of the time based on the questions you ask, the research we do, and the feedback we get from readers. We love that this is an evolving project and we love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments section of any post if you have questions or feedback. I can’t always get to every comment, but other readers will usually hop on in and help you out.

I hope you have an amazing time exploring the world of homemade edibles and cannabis infusions. We’re so excited to keep on sharing and connecting with all of you!


Much Love,