Making Cannabis Oil in a Mason Jar

mason jar cannabis oil

I just wrote a post about cannabis oil dosage that was inspired by new friend Luke’s question last week. When he got back to me, he brought up something I was totally over the moon about and wanted to share with you guys.

When I first started making crockpot cannabis oil, I really wanted it to be as simple as possible. I looked at every equation that wasn’t pot + oil  + crockpot = crockpot oil as frivolous and over the top. I read somewhere about someone putting water in a pan in the oven and filling mason jars with oil and cannabis and infusing them in a water bath and literally thought, “That is waaaaay too much work.” 

But one day, after making oil a billion times the same way, I thought, “What if you put it in a mason jar?” 


Boom! It was magic!

I still stuck to the crockpot method, and haven’t ventured into my oven, but I’ve been assured that that method works just fine. 

Benefits of Mason Jar Cannabis Oil

There are quite a few benefits of making your oil in a mason jar. If I didn’t have a Magical Butter Machine, this would probably be my go-to method for oil. While I think that the MBM is the easiest way to make canna oil and butter, I believe that simple methods like this one still make cannabis oil that is just as potent and flavorful. I also understand that the MBM is an investment. If you make oils and infusions regularly, I highly recommend it. If you’re itching to upgrade and want to save a little cash, here’s a $25 off coupon code for the Magical Butter Machine that they gave me to pass on to you.

In the meantime, here are some reasons to use a mason jar for making your canna oil:

  • I don’t know about you, but my crockpot doesn’t boil water, even on high. This means that the temperature of the H20 stays below 212Β° F and that’s well below the boiling points for all of the major cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids. Keeping those compounds in tact is the best part of medicating using cannabis infused coconut oil and this method really allows you to maintain an ideal temperature. 
  • Cleanup is much easier since you only have a jar, a bowl and a strainer to clean. 
  • While it’s not completely smell proof, it does reduce the smell a ton. 
  • You can make much smaller batches without worrying about ruining your oil. 
  • You can set it, and even if you forget it, you wont burn or overcook your oil. 

To Seal or Not to Seal

Luke wanted to reduce the smell by cooking his cannabis oil in the crock pot in a sealed Mason jar. He wanted to know if it would be okay to seal that baby up.

Yes! You can seal the jar to keep the smell under control. Check the method below and burp your jar at least once to make sure that the pressure isn’t building up. 

Mason Jar Cannabis Oil or Butter Method

This is just an all around excellent and simple method. If you want to keep the smell under control or you want to make a small batch of oil, the mason jar is your new best friend. Just use the crockpot oil method, but instead of putting the oil and herb directly into the crockpot, do the following:

  1. Fill your crockpot about halfway with water (or just enough to cover the herb).
  2. Fill a mason jar with equal parts oil and cannabis. Cover with lid.
  3. Place the mason jar in the crockpot and put the crockpot on high.
  4. Burp the jar after about a half hour to make sure that there’s not too much pressure building up. If you get a lot of pressure on the first burp, make sure to burp the jar often. 
  5. There’s absolutely no risk of overcooking this oil. The water in your crockpot might simmer, but probably wont boil (even on high), so feel free to leave it in there for as long as you’d like. Luke did it for 4 hours, and I’ve forgotten it purposefully did it for nearly 24 hours and it turned out just fine. 
  6. Strain with cheesecloth (save for making High Chai).
  7. Store normally. Use oil in Cannabanana Bread or Artichoke Dip

Any questions, comments or stories? Let her rip!

Much Love,