Easy Vegan Cannabis Gummies

I woke up at 2am this morning. And after some questioning about whether or not it would be a good idea to come sit in front of my GIANT rectangle in the middle of the night, I decided to say, “fuck it” to REM cycles and get some writing in while the baby was asleep.

After reading Big Magic and attending couples counseling today, I kind of wanted to write about those moments when you feel as if you’re splitting into several pieces, draining everything that has become unusable onto the carpet in front of a bearded stranger, seeing yourself empty and hopeful for the first time in years, and seeing your partner turn on as that bearded stranger un-severs the connection that used to have a purpose, and does again.

After reading Lord of the Rings as I drifted to sleep, I kind of wanted to write elf poetry.

Instead of doing either of those things, I decided to snuggle into my comfort zone, and write about edibles.

So this might get weird.

Has it already gotten weird?

Do you ever wish that I would just write SEO friendly copy that sounded like “Vegan cannabis gummies are excellent when using medical marijuana for pain relief or using cannabis to help with anxiety. Vegan cannabis gummy bears are one of the cannabis gummies you can make with this homemade cannabis gummy recipe. When making vegan cannabis gummies, make sure to always use cannabis and gummies and vegans.”?

Do you ever wonder if I know how to use punctuation inside and outside of quotation marks?

The answers to those questions are: Yes. Probably. Never.

I picked the most requested recipe that I’ve gotten this week and it was to vegan-ify those cannabis gummies we made last week. Done and done. Read More…